Expression of emotions by various songs

We also have to try to express the feeling of the field. For this, it should not be decided by incorporating logic, facts, proofs, examples in the explanations, but one step should be given importance to touch the meaning of the consolidation of emotions. Our discourses are not only scholarly but also have the ability to give their voice. Such tears should be grown which, by becoming compassion and generosity, can serve the area of service. The idealization of farming flourishes from these very small subdivisions. Just like a great bond, a miracle can produce only a humid humidity. Proper coordination should be maintained in our presentations.

A new fact comes in this context- the power of music. It will not be said that as far as raising the sense of sensation, the music has been found to be far more powerful than the discourses. The music produced by Sur not be forgotten at the time of their time. Even when their condolences are exaggerated with songwriting, people start fluttering. Deepak was a burning lamp. There was rain from the song cloud giver. Such examples do not get to see now, nor do these days, by playing an instrument to catch the buffalo deer, they enchant the spell. Snake charmers are seen waving. To attain the sense of the human being, one must also take the shelter of musical comprehension by moving forward one step ahead of the speech. This is the reason that the word spiritual discourse with the narrative has been uninterrupted. By combining the verse with prose and solving a big incompleteness.

The power to ripple the emotional area in comparison to the music is not the second. The scientist has sung the ‘ Brahma’ similar to his magnificent glory ‘the word Brahma’. Shankar’s, Varsity of Krishna makes it possible to make manifestations of their inner expression. The description of the accomplishments received by Yoga is not being presented here. But it must be understood that the emergence of the new creation will be from the emotional region. And music power will not be neglected for her. ‘Talking and writing not to meet the time requirement. Although the stereotype of the rivers writings in this Tri may be absurd, the inclusion of the third stream of the goddess of education will also be considered as mandatory indispensable.

For the country, the need for music and the fondness of publicity must be prominent. There are still manifestations, not by speeches, but by singing. All singers have sung songs, rain singing on marriage, weddings, festivals, and additionally congregations of folk songs sung in the form of ‘Madrigal, rice -worm, Ramayana-Gimmick, drama, reaping, etc. are added. Those who can sing live in the front row. The rest of the people are used to listen carefully and take awake juice all night long. Folk dances are popular all over India. They have their own style and form. But remember – it is a silent expression of music. The rhythm waves that originate with the song are not limited to the throat lip, but the hands and feet of the neck fall into the throat by the moving parts of the eye. The whole body of music is the dance form that shines the whole body and mind. ‘Action Song’ is an intermediate simulation of this.