10 Most Male Models Who Turned Into Actors in Hollywood Latest Celebrity

acting is a talent that sometimes comes from the most unlikely of places this male actors proved that they aren’t
just pretty faces but also possessed acting talent welcome to celebrity news today and today we will talk about 10 most hottest male models who turned into actors in Hollywood


James Marsden

before he was shooting lasers out of his eyes in x-men James Marsden was a Versace model Cyclops an x-men has been the role that’s made him a star not only an actor he’s got a lovely singing voice too appearing on the hairspray and enchanted soundtrack definitely the wholesome thought you could happily take home to meet your mother


Tyrese Gibson

his discovery at the model happened as a youngster on a bus in 1994 he sang in a coca-cola advert he came to acting by the way of his award-winning R&B; career an early career highlight must have been appearing in hanging with mr. Cooper franchises transformers and fast and furious have been putting bread on the Gibson table lately he hasn’t really stretched himself as an actor bouncing back and forth between giant robots and souped-up cars


Robert Pattinson

it’s hard to imagine Robert Pattinson as anything other than a twilight hottie but this English actor didn’t always look so masculine at the age of 12 he had what he described as an add to Jonah’s look a look that made him popular in the modeling world his big claim to fame at that time was modelling underwear for a small Chinese magazine but thankfully his looks grew up and his career became incredibly successful so he decided to switch over to acting the world rejoiced model was not robert’s forte


chaining Tatum

before the modelling career began Tatum had worked as a stripper and appeared in the Ricky Martin music video she banks as a model he worked for her money and Pepsiamong others surprisingly 2006’s she’s the man was not an instant springboard to fame GI Joe the Rise of Cobra went a lot further to making chaining Tatum a household name
he hasn’t strayed far from the safe ground of action and comedy so far however his performance in Magic Mike was well-received and it was loosely based on his experience as a stripper


Josh Holloway

before swear on lost he spent a lot of time travelling around North America and Europe as a model for Dolce & Gabana minor TV and film roles are all he could get until lost came along in 2004 before long he was OK Magazine 17 sexiest man in the world in 2006 he hasn’t let being the 70 sexiest man in the world in 2006 go to his head but he’s been part of movies like Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and paranoia with Gary Oldman Harrison Ford


Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher was best known as Calvin Klein model in 1998 he came second in an international modeling and talent Association competition – Josh – Hamo That 70’s Show gave him a chance to
work his goofy charm and dude where’s my car paired him up was seen william scott he’s been more busy behind the camera than in front of it in recent years as writer and producer for prank TV show Punk’d a return to TV stardom beckoned by replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men and he’s kept a movie career bubbling away with subpar rom-coms like killers New Year’s Eve and no strings attached


ian somerhalder

before his role on hit television show vampire diaries show ma Haldor was the highly sought after model for guests not chica and Versace he moved on from modern by the time he was 13 the rules of attraction was his first big win role and he was born in the first series applause meaning he was in the series that everyone watched


Josh Duhamel

won a male model of the Year competition in 1997 the runner-up was Ashton Kutcher just like Ashton Kutcher Josh was a good ol miss Morstan boy who dreamed of making it big he moved to California to college working odd jobs and dabbling in modeling it took a few years of working modeling gigs here and there before his career took off in 1999 he finally landed the job that would open the door to Hollywood a leading role in all of my children he got married to singer Fergie and starred in the hit movie franchise transformers


Jamie Dornan

was a Calvin Klein underwear model before he began his acting career opposite Kirsten Dunst in Mary Antonia the star appeared in fashion ads for Dior and Armani before transitioning into acting he replaced Charlie Hunnam on as S&M; enthusiast Christian Grey in the film adaptation Fifty Shades of Grey Ronan’s acting credits also include once upon a time and the fall


Mark Wahlberg

back when he was better known as rapper Marky Mark back to Mark Wahlberg appeared in Calvin Klein ads alongside Kate Moss to become a serious actor he dropped the name Marky Mark and went
back to plain old Mark Wahlberg The Basketball Diaries in 1995 with Leonardo DiCaprio and Boogie Nights in 1997 suggested he would not be needing to continue his career as a model and rapper twice Oscar nominated in
Supporting Actor category for the departed and the fighter he has proved that he has the acting chops to continue as an actor do you agree with our list which one out of our list is your favorite model turned actor for more lists like this and other celebrity news