The usefulness of music in human life

Discussion in these lines is not desirable in these lines, what is the stigma of vowel, rhythm and limb operation and how achievements are achieved in its spiritual and physical areas. It is said here that music not be neglected in the process of public awakening of the new age. His usefulness is the same for this purpose as the speeches, readings, organizational movement, etc. used in the promotional party. Every speaker should also keep in mind that he has to carry music with him.

Music should be included at the end of the discourse, either in the end or both times. If it is formed with the help of musical instruments, the attraction will increase even more. Otherwise singing without playing can also work. Narratives often do this ” The days are new and the old ones are forgotten. He speaks once to the speaker. The second time the community of the community repeats. This concentrates the attention of everyone. Awareness arises due to distractions, disturbance, and the auditory undertaking goes well.

This tradition has been fulfilled. The matter should not be limited to the Inclusion of innovative awakening and glee in folk mind requires meaningful, inspirational and emotive songs that can make Ages-consciousness progressive. No need to find such songs, choose. They have started to be rewritten and they will be available in large numbers in the next few days. There is a new meaning to say ‘renewed’ that intelligence Missions has recognized ‘a sound’. It consists of voice, rhythm, and scherzo all three. His lines are-

Mother, we bow our heads. With strong, we offer two tears. Feel like such goodness arises. Beat such malice. Say we will not leave the place. We take the oath. Man in your stages………………

There are many songs to be written on this one sound. Variations have been prevented due to the practice of writing poets on the same. Singers’ throat should be practiced continuously in the same experiment. This is most accessible to players. In order to practice musical instruments on many sounds, we need the orderly teaching of vowels. Many gammas have to remember and remember. Understanding the variations of the vocal cords and their differences have to be adopted in practice, but when the entire music is finished on the same rhythm, then only the slightest tension erupts only in pellet drum, that Shankar has the same voice If the scripture is centered, then there is no reason why the era music can be centered on one sound. This will not only help the singers but also the greatness of the people, they will be able to acquire the knowledge of non-vocal science and simultaneously imitate one another. By the gesture, a partner will be used by his other ally. Mixing vocals from the throat will dry the throe on the song sequence from the song.