Fiction has its own importance

It is not necessary that what is to be learned is to be taught, it is necessary for him to attend god sessions. The people who practice this work can also fulfill the responsibilities of practicing their colleagues on their shoulders. Trained people can continue their practice classes in the style of peace house, and can make many people habitual and proficient.

The same thing is also in relation to music. Those who have rehearsed, they can practice sitting in the house of the fixed rhythm. Recognize and teach the songs formed on the new soundtrack. In well-maintained schools, harmonium, tabor and drum can also be taught, but where there are not many resources, there is absence of time, for those who want to go preaching, there is a lot of money, cymbal, knighthood, these two expendable expenses, Playing and using the accustomed sound meter can be an opportunity to keep innovation and inspiration.

There is no need to find a listener on the go for a play on the go. In the train, sitting in buses, in haste-market, inn, on drinking, on the pier, temple, crossroads, sitting anywhere near the park, two people got mixed together, full of joy and inspiration playing the whole song If you sing songs, the crowd of listeners can get deposited without any prior notice or invitation. No restriction of anyone on this gathering ceremony. When the desire was started, and when the need to shut down was felt, then both of them were locked in pouch, bent over and stood up. Neither have to wait for the reception and neither do thanks for farewell.

There is a concert gathering of knighthood, which can be said to be even simpler than narrative discourse. There is minimal expenditure of power in it, at least hassle and simplicity is greater. For countryside then this process will be considered as simple success with every view. With a little explanation, along with lyrics and instrument, purpose is fulfilled in such a way that systematic arrangement of learning to teach oratory art has been made.

Next day, there will be a movement for pilgrimage on bicycles, tour of India. Era artisan, like the clouds, will leave the farm on the farm and take the pledge of dry land greenery flatter. In the village-village house-house, the old saints tradition of awakening is being given a revival. The pilgrimage to reach home on the other side from its village home is being implemented with new enthusiasm and new schemes, in which the story of spirituality will not be proven as successful as era music, with help of thronging knighthood And seeing crowd of listeners to collect and collect them,

Fiction has its own importance and age music itself has its own importance. Both of us should give importance and should use both as per need. The story spiritual discourse couple has been created so that practice in both mediums of assertiveness continues together. Necessity and dignity should not be given importance of time and fulfillment of goal.