The discourse is a path of revolution

If the level of the mood is properly measured, then there is more hope for the result of the process of light and change. Keeping this fact in mind, each of us should be convinced about the work area of his work and the effort should be made to adopt the same measure that is possible for intellectual exchange in the community. The importance of the situation should be given to their needs. Acquire yourself according to its own suitability. Do not be stubborn to impose your qualifications on them.

After reaching this conclusion, efforts have been made to make the sub-standard and popular level by spreading the storyline in the discourse style. The creation of spiritualism is done purely on this occasion. The importance of slide projectors is also given in the same sense that while performing a Divine view, efforts should be made to embrace the

In this context, one side is even more noticeable, that is, ‘spiritual discourse’ is associated with art. Where there is a tale, there must be spiritual discourse. According to this determination, the word ‘story-spiritual discourse’ has been made uninterrupted and both of them have been separated in the same series even though they are separated. It should be called co-ordination of prose and verse. Not only the discourse, but music is also necessary.

That is because the thought of revolting the discourse is a path of revolution. Ideas are encouraged to abandon inappropriate thinking and to adopt prudent propriety by colliding with ideas. It is necessary and compulsory, but there is one more thing that should not be forgotten. That is the emotional sophistication of. There are thoughts and emotional friends, but they also have to believe independence.

The power of emotion should be understood. She is more capable than the idea. In an idealistic follow-up, purely is the role of the spirit folk mind. Feelings of soliloquy give rise to sacrifice. The origin of compassion and service is found only in the intervals of the region. The disadvantage of the non-indestructible present crisis will be made only by raising the pious faith, ‘The thoughtful intelligence creates its initial background. Most of the great men, sages, were very emotional. The wise, the public is also found to be rich in cleverness. But when sacrifice is sacrificed, the time has come for the disclosure of discouragement, then the intelligence comes in handy, with the support of large renderings.