Self-cultivation power of humans

physical form of human body is same as that which comes to sleep, drinks, laughs, and spends its time tied in the dynamics of death. The mind and intellect portion of the brain keeps pushing this vehicle. Tomorrow, the fuels are fueled by food fuel and they are engaged in mobilizing means of subsistence jokes. further depth begins from there where the area of ​​’mind’ [the unconscious mind] and the ego embodiment [super conscious] begins. It was a matter of mind. In the field, there is the conservation of the mysterious power stores of Chat Chakra, gland Triad, nerve Triad.

This whole area is usually dormant. Neither the unconscious, super-conscious capacities of the mind are used, nor do they have any vantage. Undisclosed existence is called a mystery. Therefore, uninterrupted specialties outside reach of all these ordinary people in field of mind and work are also called secrets, folk-divine people. This was used only for research efforts in ancient times. It was better to be thought of than the costly, labor-intensive, and scientific day-to-day supply of fuel repairs, that it is good in God’s all-encompassing work, when nature is not only the people, the Brahmins also have the ability to find and pull, if they exist Get lost Why make a musk like a cow?

The overall effort of the sages has been the same as to be considered as a comprehensive, holistic, beautifully accessible laboratory. As well as seeing the eternal prosperity-success available in the succession of the beings embodied in the same area, they should try to grow and transform into a big tree. This effort has been given the term of yoga and tenacity. There is no ordinance of goddess that lives elsewhere, but it is law of treating trust of the members of the self. The dietary supplements are not from the sky, but from the roots. extreme development of human power is possible only through development of its interior area. Wherever the gods of the sky are able to listen to someone’s exhortation and make a cemetery of gifts- there is the leisure time to go.

To fill your stomach, you have to start your own mouth. To read, I have to fight my own wisdom. Who has filled stomach with mouth of others, who has made a scholar by supporting the wisdom of others. The aspiration of spiritual progress is also fulfilled by our own spiritual accomplishment. The grace of the poor gods in them may be in line with the eligibility to a limit. If the talk comes on eligibility, it will be said only as a man. The intense Brainstorm of the Self region is addressed only by names like meditation, worship etc. In ancient times, many divine weapons were used.

Charm is often filled with such treatments in the system. There was a lot of such achievements in the same area that used to bring up the stores of capabilities, facilities and successes. These types of measures were called yoga-tapas. prosperity-Success were captured by them in the physical field. At the same time, there was benefit of inner heaven filled with joy and paradise salvation. This entire acquisition is in interior. Whatever is in vast universe, it exists in form of seed in its key object. The purpose of self cultivation has been to make it worthwhile to cultivate whatever is useful to it. Keeping in mind the facts, efforts have been made to adopt loyalty and have achieved the desired success. The history of the sage era is a witness to it.