The concentration power should be strong

There is more difficulty in getting strength in speech. Knowing and practicing the rules of art skills is not enough for him. For him, he has to scrutinize, purify his entire personality. Virtues and temperaments need to be refined. What you want to say whatever you want to do will be brought before your practice. When we not influence ourselves with our thoughts and not pressure us to walk on that path then how can it be expected that we will have the right to say it and walk on the path to which they Instructions are being given.

Your situation can be hidden only to a limit. There are so many holes in the personality that through them the tableau of the object becomes accessible to others. It not be curtained for long. The objects which can be hidden are second. Personality is not counted in them. Wherever we go, our personality will continue to exhibit the unintentional display of the material situation. All efforts to cover her in the covers are sterilized. As it is, it will remain in the eyes of people. Why do not they be able to work till late in order to give good and bad to the evil and evil of artificial blasphemy? The truth comes out of tearing thousands of curtains. Mercury not be digested after eating He exits from the body. Likewise, the character’s unwanted is not present tomorrow, then the days are left untouched and its deodorant flows in the air instantly.

The speech comes from the power character. Thinking and coordination of a verb is the character. The people of the East and those who run west are ridiculous. They reach the destination, whose thoughts and actions are the same. Even if the bad ones are successful on this basis. A harbinger makes hundreds of people abusive with their influence-a drunken man makes many close friends. Thieves, gamblers, addicts keep on increasing their cult-family. The reason for this is that their thoughts and actions are one. Just think like that. Wherever there is coordination of thought and action, there will be personality and there will be impressive power. This principle applies even in relation to good people. If goodwill and goodwill exist in a person, then there is no reason why they do not attract others in the same direction. That word can speak. Strength is not in that meat body. She is embodied in the whole personality and is filled with voices. If the execution of your discourse is to be executed by another, then it is necessary that it should be established in word and action. Just like what you say.