Take care of these precautions before doing Yoga

location of Yoga is clean, airy, peaceful and holy. natural place, river shore, mountains are best. Still, clean work can be played on clean air or terrace. Yoga can be harmful due to drainage, sewing, dust, and Yoga.

In order to take adequate benefits from Yoga, balance of food and food is essential, there is a need for systematic life. Disagreeing dignity of life does not benefit from any practice.

food habits of Yoga are light, satiric, snitched, beverage, etc. Bread, greens, milk, ghee, porridge, rice, cucumber, fruit, etc. are best.

food and strength of those who work hard should be especially nutritious, flavors and smooth.

practice of Yoga is prohibited in case of acute disease.

In cold winter, Yoga should not be practice in cold water, cold moon, cold water, etc. But those with bitter head nature can also do it in winter.

There should be no pranks, capsules, sunwasden, etc. in summer season; But people with crisp nature can do them at any time in limited quantities. All these people can do at Himalayas, cold places.

Do not let people of cold nature of cold, citrus Yoga.

To concentrate on mind and peace of mind, cleverness, ulcers, cooling, etc, to overcome distortion, it is beneficial to Yoga.

It should be tried to keep stomach healthy and lubricant, it provides goodness and accuracy in practice of Yoga.

While Yoga should chop chest, this lung and ingredients get a lot of help for development.

  1. person who performs Yoga with spiritual eyes should keep increasing time of complementary, Nushagak, etc.      respectively; but not so much that feeling embarrassed.
  2. Yoga should be started shortly and increase quantity respectively. Pay Yoga according to power of power. Yoga inefficient guidance provides quick success.