The power of self meditation

Mystics should not restrict their knowledge to themselves, but their benefits should be extended to others. In the same way, the meaning of their self-meditation and meditation is worthwhile. Followers of their duties towards the society can do so by the philosopher, that people should continue to try to elevate the mind level, do not let them fall down, the monk and the Brahmin-Sages and the philosopher constantly persevere in public awareness and follow the majority of public have been doing Such is the order of the scriptures for them.

‘The priest will do such discourse from which people should become active, stunning, prudent and beneficial. They do not want to get down. ‘

‘The teacher and the preacher should be imparting education to the people of good faith and virtue so that nobody’s generosity is destroyed.’

History is witnessing that with the help of eloquent power, many celebrities created mass movements and presented revolutionary results through them. Buddha Vivekananda, Guru Ram, Guru Singh, etc., by the guides, leaders of Gandhi Nehru, Patel, etc. created a stir in the field of politics and how pleasant their reaction the change came out, it is not hidden from anyone. There have been such people in every corner of the world who have been able to solve the problems of the occasional problems of their fields, through speech power; the names of, Cicero, Napoleon, Martin Luther, Lincoln, Washington, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Churchill, etc. can be counted among such people.

Many times, the efficacy produced by skilled speakers is seen only. The heart of the listeners starts jumping. They are thrilled, they are seen in excitement. The arms start fluttering and their emotions in their eyes are peeping. Laughing, roaming, tossing, frapping, heating or cooling is the specialty of the time. This secret which is known and its practice, experience, can be seen governing the mind and brains of the public. There is a type of electric current in the confined speech. The accent of words, the formation of words, the coordination of the expressions, the presentation of the events, the logic and the conclusions of the evidence, the inclusion of the emotions, the presentation of the speaker becomes so transplantable that the listeners have to be compelled to make their mindset the same as their successor.

There was magic in Napoleon’s voice, he used to make the one he talked about. Avoiding his instructions