The spell strength by meditation

Think about word power more seriously. It should be noted that the rendering of words and Brahma with the glory scientists in infinite forms and with seriousness. The word Brahma, that is, the prose accent, the Brahma, the rhythmic lyrical instrument, its astral remedies also. Mantra Science can be called the great achievement of this region. The characteristic of the word in the mantra is also a fact, but more specifically, it is associated with the scientist personal life.

The pronunciation of speech is not considered sufficient in spell strength. Its life- is done by that meditation in which emotion is done to prove the mantra. The elemental form of this process is so much that the mantra should make the seeker intensive in excellence in his life course. He should be sage. Here, the son-in-law’s sacrifice should be remembered for fulfilling the desire of the son of Dash, in which Vas had his inability to produce a mantra due to state grain meal. When sage, who had the voice of speech, was called for that work, the purpose was fulfilled. The secret of the mantra is uninterrupted with the cultivation of the means of life.

Normal people keep walking and shouting. Senior people make perfect words, full of ideas, used in life, full of faith and faith. Actually, this mantra is the experiment. Mantra is called thought only. Tempered pronunciation is called mantra. These chants also work in rituals, curses, and boards, but they can also be used as a speech. The mantra discourse will fulfill the requirement, whose era has been considered and invited to reverse the popular belief in the beauty of the treaty.

This occasional use of the word of speech is the main theme. New construction will require new construction and new fixation for a new era. This will require power and also the tools. All this should be a high level. Change is to be the feeling zone. In the case of reversal of uncertainty in the commons, there is a renewed sense of rightness in that region, and in such a case, it is necessary to find suitable material. He is also such that for which there is no need to move hand in hand. We will have to create a sophisticated level to use our own art as a comprehensive laboratory. Refined, meaning sacred, intense. For him, the practice of patience should be done simultaneously and both the experiments of prayer Almighty should go together. Without this belief, self-sufficiency is not able to bear the descent and retention of high-powered forces.

From life-saving work, his body starts giving laboratory work to a high-powered instrument. The power needed will be the power of words. The pronunciation will have to reach the mantra level. we should be committed to practicing the use of all these instruments and to be proficient.

The presentation of speech is for two purposes. In order to fulfill the need for the social thinking revolution, one should have a living speaker who can communicate with its radiance to make the community flutter and to push it into the era flow. Also, the next experiment of this exercise will be in the form of raising the word power, so that the awakened souls have the opportunity to use their work as a capable laboratory. The laboratory is unmatched by the grace of the person to all of us.