The shortage of educated people

Every qualifying person keeps on showing his ability to the people of his own level. Correct management is also done. Doctors, scientists, etc. have their own knowledge about their methods and they are interested in those people interested in those events. But no class is special for new creation. If it is a class then it can be identified in a word – thoughtful, emotional, liberal, such people can be in every class community, educated, uneducated, rich-poor, Hindus and Muslims etc.

They can be found in any class, their Where do the people of the mind meet, in which the hope of germination on sowing seeds is bound, then it will have to reach the conclusion that real India is in the countryside. Country – 70% India There is no shortage of uneducated people in cities, but country has its own area of ??the same class. 70 percent of the country’s uneducated If it is divided, then city part will be less and countryside will be more. Approximately 20% in cities and 80% in country can be considered uneducated. This is picture of real India. We have to serve this community. He has to walk with him as his work area.

There is no malice to cities. But seeing vastness of engagement, lust, anxiety and narrow-mindedness in that area, the hope of getting support in creative works can be reduced. Then there is such a difference of opinion on the area that there has been a situation like a distraction from dementia. Take political entities. Their propaganda is very festive and constantly blows against others. Rendering is so strong that the general public not reach any conclusion. They have either started neglecting or have become a fanatic follower of any idea community. Changes should also be brought in them, but there is a need for capable mechanism.

Only the reputable people can handle it. Talent and prosperity of era craftsmanship is not of this level, but it is necessary to mobilize the most expensive instruments needed to attract and motivate the urban population. It is difficult to call the impact of urban public without the big publicity marquee. How to open the bags of bundles for those tools? How do they take their hands? Due to this compulsion, it is also proper to measure their way by saluting those sour grapes. Then the basic necessity also says that we have to work in the push of infiltration in cities and turn them to expected countryside and camp there.

real India is not in the eyes of other social workers. If there is a lack of resources in absence of large number of people who do not want to reach or why they should be imitated. Why not learn from other missionaries, who have not only camped in other backward areas of India and have chosen their working area to the backward section of the country. There may be an abundance of illiteracy, poverty, lack of self-restraint, but the illusionism has not produced indifference. There is so much to be so much in terms of feeling.