The importance of time management

Time and labor should be used in such a manner that it adheres to personal, family and social duties from end to end. There is no scope for any misdeeds. According to the same routine, work should be done strictly throughout the day. When steps are taken to make a mistake, they should be stopped immediately. If mistakes are made, then atonement should be made for them, they should be punished and be more alert to not let them do the same. Ideal values in excellence and work should be increased day by day, struggling with maladies and cynicism. Of course, he will continue to refine the life-saving personality. By which speech not be spoken without speaking, it can also be encouraged in the direction of the people.

The scientist has given great respect to the speaker because he is not only biased but also benefits others from his own idols. By using a workable voice he blesses himself and gives light to others too. Such stunning speakers are rare, but those who become themselves become proud and proud of their contact area-

‘As the soul is in the same mind, the one who is in the mind, the person through the same voice can do it. Preach religious practice in self conduct, which should accumulate all the wealth of wealth and wealth in the world – such speakers will not lack the world of speakers.

‘Even when beautiful, the flower is appreciated only when it is also characterized and smelly. Similarly, the preaching itself is successful, which also acts according to the statement. ‘

Rosh statement is: ‘Speech is not limited to vocabulary. It is also associated with the belief of intercession and the motif of personality. Impact, faith is not words. ‘
It is necessary to produce sweetness in order to refine it. This sweetness arises from excellence. Mellowness like silk and thugs can also be developed in the form of art. Selfish people learn to do that cleverness to straighten their owls by fooling others and prove their selfishness by putting innocent people in misguided goodwill. This pseudo-practice of cleverness results in the use of the opportunity. People become cautious as soon as the situation becomes visible and under the guise of friendship, those who take hostile acts like snakes, scorpions are rescued. The steady sweetness of speech is outstanding on the goodwill of man’s generous affinity, lenient gentleness and service support.

The first and most effective way to give strength to the voice and to develop the art is to make the character and thought of an excellent level of personality. Study and practice are required to incorporate the art of knowledge into the word flow. But from such a level, the efficacy of the power will not emerge. This purpose can be accomplished by adopting a bright character and intensely approach-it can be accomplished only by putting it in its practical life. We must keep in mind that the speaker’s personality associated with speech affects those who hear it. To make her stunning, she should stay in self-meditation too.